Exhibitor Information & Regulations Governing Exhibitors

The Festival will provide:

  • Exhibitor space
  • Table(s) if included in package
  • Tablecloth if included in package
  • Chair if included in package
  • Wash station as required if included in package
  • Area trash barrels
  • Area security personnel. Protection of exhibitor’s property shall be the sole responsibility of the exhibitor.

Exhibitors will need to provide their own:

  • Table, tablecloth and chair unless included in package or renting through the Festival
  • Wash station for food/beverage vendors unless included in package or renting through the Festival
  • Sanitary serving gloves, napkins, plates, serving utensils, sampling cups, sampling toothpicks, etc., if needed
  • Banner (Banner must be freestanding or affixed to table. If space is located by a wall, banner may be affixed to wall only with 3M double sided tape so as not to do any damage.)
  • Liability and property insurance naming venue and U.S. Veg Corp as additional insured
  • Necessary NYC Temporary Food Establishment, Food Handling and Sales Permits as applicable

Food Policy

All products must be dairy-free and egg-free vegetarian. This means no meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy, animal parts, or byproducts, including honey. This also means no animal derivatives such as broth, gelatin, rennet, lard, tallow, and no dairy derivatives such as whey or casein. Any food items that do not adhere to these guidelines will be removed from display, sale, and sampling. Ingredients should be listed on the package or on the display. Foods without artificial additives are most desirable.

Printed materials including displays, handouts, and recipes, may not promote foods that are non-vegetarian. It is acceptable to mention dairy and egg ingredients in printed materials. See below for policy on printed materials.

Non-food Policy

All non-food items must not have been tested on animals, and must be free of leather, fur, wool, gelatin and any animal slaughter derivatives or animal products.

Printed Materials

Printed materials including displays, handouts, and recipes, may not promote foods or products that are non-vegan. Cookbooks offered for sale must be dairy-free and egg-free (preferred) or suggest dairy and egg alternatives.

Fire Regulations

Through Fire Marshall Regulations, the Metropolitan Pavilion is restricted to a “no open flame policy”. This means at no time can candles be used for the event without the wick/flame being enclosed by a glass container. This also applies to catering cooking supplies.


Exhibitors are responsible for any city/state permits, fees and sales tax associated with selling or distributing their products at the event.

Note: The NYC Vegetarian Food Festival reserves the right to decline any application at our discretion.