Product Review: Nutiva Hemp Protein by Greg Sher of I Kill Fat

 Product Review: Nutiva Hemp Protein


After being asked where I get my protein from for the millionth time (it ain’t easy being a plant-based personal trainer in NYC), the next question is sometimes “Which protein powders do you use?” 

I personally use a few different protein powders for different reasons, but the one I typically recommend specifically to my weight loss clients is hemp protein.

The protein powder, which is made from raw hemp seeds, has many nutritional benefits. My brand of choice that I personally use/recommend Nutiva. In a single serving you not only get 10 grams of protein, you also get 5 grams of fiber (which is about 20% of the recommended dietary allowance).

The 10 grams of protein in a single serving contains all essential amino acids, which will feed your muscles after one of our awesome strength training sessions, but it’s the digestibility quality of the protein in hemp that makes this food to appealing.

I’ve heard some people tend to get bloated and gassy after consuming wheat protein. Some people have a soy allergy. Hemp has been the most consistently easy-on-the-stomach protein powders for my clients probably due to the high concentration of edestin in hemp protein.

Coming from the Greek work “edible” (HINT HINT: Humans were made to eat plants), edestin is a globulin legumin. These types of proteins have more water solubility than most other plant proteins. The water solubility of this protein will help your body stay fuller for longer, which will definitely help you cut down on the amount of calories you consume daily. This leads to weight loss.

The globulin in hemp protein resembles the globulin in human blood plasma, so therefore it’s very compatible with our digestive system. This is probably why no one seems to have hemp allergies, and hemp seems to be easily digested amongst everyone. Plus, these types of proteins helps produce antibodies which will definitely boost your immunity.

Also, you’ll get a good amount of Iron as well. Iron is a crucial mineral for the plant-based athlete, as it help transports oxygen to all the cells in the body as well as aids in the production of red blood cells.

To top it all off, the protein comes with essential fatty acids (Omega 3’s and 6’s) to promote low blood pressure, low cholesterol, healthy brain functions, and also anti-inflammatory properties for your joints! I don’t care what your exercise preference is for exercise. Whether you’re a powerlifter, a yogi, a runner, or a ninja, you will need joint protection. The Omega 3’s found in hemp protein will definitely help support your joints which will help you keep pushing yourself to the next level of your exercise preference.

Sweetened with stevia and organic coconut sugar, this is hands down the best tasting hemp powder out there (in my professional opinion). All the nutritional benefits of this powder is great, but lets face it, it has to taste good! The chocolate hemp protein that Nutiva makes is amazing, and it even comes with a recipe on the bottle.