What Juice Fasting Does for Me

By Steve Meyerowitz: Author of Sproutman’s 7 Day Just Juice Diet

Join me for an inner oil change and a tune up. Let’s roll back the clock to a time when you felt stronger, lighter, and happier.

I’m on day 7 of my just juice diet and although it’s true that I’ve done this many times I still benefit every single time. I’m a busy guy and it’s not always easy for me to devote full attention to my personal health. I’m not saying I don’t do anything, it’s just that I’m not always able to do what’s best for my body. That’s why I love doing these 7 day cleanses with a group. Because when it’s time to begin, there are no excuses. I’ve made a commitment and I’m doing it along with everyone else.

I’m not saying I can’t do it solo, I have done so many times. In fact, my latest book: Sproutman’s 7 Day Just Juice Diet, lays out the program day by day so that you can do it on your own. If you’re a do-it-yourself type, the book provides everything you need. But for the rest of us, there are always distractions and in our minds, we can always find excuses not to do something that is outside of our normal routine. Especially since for many folks, their normal routine itself is overwhelming.

Already this morning I have taken my water flush and now I’m in the middle of my vitamin C flush. Later I will take my liver cleanse drink. After that, I’ve got all my green juices lined up and ready to go. I made them yesterday. I’ve got one with garlic, one with ginger, one with kale, one with Spinach. I make these green juices taste like salad dressings. I add some lemon, garlic or ginger, and a tablespoon of tamari. I’m drinking my salad!

Twenty Six souls are doing this cleanse with me. It’s really advantageous to have the support of a group. Questions go back-and-forth and there is a clearly laid out program that everyone follows. The live webinar is just like a real classroom, you can see my slides, ask me questions, and hear other people’s questions.

A lot of people who want to do this kind of thing fly to beautiful far away spas in beautiful places. The juices are made for and served to them and they can relax and get a massage. I’m all for that. It’s ideal. But I need something that I can do more frequently and economically. And going on a juice diet for seven days is the trick for me. It enables me to maintain 90% of my normal working schedule. It’s a cleanse that I can do while working and while at home. And even if I have to travel for work I can always bring my drinks with me.

My diet improves
I am always amazed at how this simple one week break from my regular diet strengthens my digestion and improves my appreciation for food and how I manage my intake. People who have excess weight to lose tell me that each time they do this cleanse, fewer and fewer of the lost pounds return. And that goes for the bad habits too. We’re creatures of habit and the more we break the cycle, the better we get at managing our diets.

It’s almost over but…
Tomorrow will be my last day of juice fasting, but it will take a handful of days for me to gradually transition back to my regular diet. I have learned that many folks never make a full return to their previous diet. This one week investment is powerful enough to change habits—for the better.

About Weight Loss
Stronger digestion and a transformed diet are not the only benefits you get from your week off. Although I don’t make a big deal about it, we do lose weight—up to 2 pounds per day. The most common number I hear from people is that one week of fasting drops about 10 pounds. But the larger question is: Does it stay off? The feedback I get from all of you is that every time you repeat the one week cleanse, the weight stays off longer. So if you drop 10 pounds during the week, you regain about six. So your net loss is 4 pounds. And the next time you cleanse the same cycle repeats so now you’re down 8 pounds from your original weight. There’s no magic. You’re gradually changing your body by making incremental changes to your diet and lifestyle. A one-week cleanse is not going to wipe away health and body issues that have persisted for decades. But taking one week off and going on a juice diet will definitely change you and begin the process of moving you in a better direction.

You can start this cleanse anytime your ready. My book is a self-help guide. Or you can sign up for my online Springtime Cleanse. It starts March 30 (more info at www.Sproutman.com). If this is something you’ve been thinking about doing, why procrastinate any longer.
-Steve Meyerowitz.