Healthy School Food at the NYC Vegfest!

The Coalition for Healthy School Food introduces plant-based (vegan) recipes into schools and provides nutrition education that teaches children to be critical thinkers about food.

We teach our curriculum, Food UnEarthed: Uncovering the Truth About Food, to over 400 3 – 5 graders each week in New York City schools. We partnered with two schools to introduce vegetarian menus – and these are the first two public, non-charter schools in the United States to adopt vegetarian menus. With the help of our supporters, and your support, we can work to get more fully plant-based entrée options on the menus. We also create nutrition education resources. These resources include Wellness Wakeup Call, nutrition education in the form of easy to digest sound bites read over the PA system each morning, with messages and a healthy recipe to take home each month, and Food Good Food Cards, which feature fruits, vegetables, and legumes – 104 of them, and five facts about each as well as pictures of what they look like and how they look when they are growing. 

Stop by the children’s area on Sunday between noon and 12:30 pm – where your child can whip up a Chia Seed pudding! Then, stop by our table at the Vegfest (this is outside the children’s area) to learn more about the work we do in NYC schools, and how you might get involved if you are interested in seeing more plant-based options in schools and nutrition education that is fact, and not food-industry fiction. See you there