The Solutionary School is bringing Humane Education to the NYC VegFest!

The Institute for Humane Education (IHE) along with its Solutionary School NYC staff and volunteers are on a mission to bring solutionary-focused, humane education to NYC and beyond.

We will be sponsoring the children’s area at the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival on March 14-15, and we hope you’ll stop by to participate in the many activities we have planned!

Our vision is to redefine the purpose and process of education by providing the tools, skills and motivation to engage students to imagine and create a world that is more just, sustainable and humane for all people, animals and the planet. This type of education is symbiotic; it serves both the planet and the students. It creates a generation of solutionaries who are deeply empowered, and prepared to become leaders and change-makers.

Included in our vision are plans to open a K-12 school and Center in NYC. To support this mission, IHE offers accredited online graduate and certificate programs, and workshops giving people the skills to integrate humane education into their teaching, work, life, and the world.

As a sponsor of the children’s area, we are excited to bring humane education to kids (and teachers, parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, and everyone!) in NYC.

Our scheduled activities and tables are aligned with our values and commitment to do the Most Good and the Least Harm (MOGO). Kids will have the opportunity to participate in activities that are creative, engaging and fun. Here’s a brief list of the activities and participants. For a more detailed list including date and time, click here.

Make a Shamrock Smoothie with Veggiecation
Recycled Art with 
Make Ladybug Garden Bites with Bestselling cookbook author, Annie Shannon
“Eat a Rainbow” with GrowNYC
Storytime with Farm Sanctuary’s Gene Baur
Interactive Planetary Problem Puzzle with Youth Empowered Action (YEA) Camp
Storytime with Director of Solutionary School NYC, Bill Gladstone
“Compassion Rocks” Interactive Music Class for Kids with TLB Music
Storybook and Poster Making with Faces and Creatures Found in Nature with Sarah Speare
Fun Yoga and Pilates for Kids with Tracey Katof
Make Chia Seed Pudding with the Coalition for Healthy School Food (CHSF)
Wildlife and Nature themed activity with Junior Explorers
“Show and tell” with red worms in a vegan scraps bin with Brooklyn Mompost
Create your own Drawing or Comic with IndyKids Illustrator
Join a Veg Teen Meetup with VegYouth founder, Chloe Falkenheim
Meet Animal Hero Kids (and Ronnie V Cow!), founder and author, Susan Hargreaves
Imaginative Animal Theater with Joseph Mauricio
Storytime with IHE student and Family Coordinator of Solutionary School NYC, Robyn Moore
Make a Farm Animal Buddy Button with HEART

Thank you to the wonderful participants for volunteering their time and skills, and the festival organizers for offering a dedicated platform for inspiring and empowering kids. 

Kids can take home a goodie bag, or what we like to call, a GOODie bag filled with fun and meaningful stuff for the whole family! 

Arrive early on Sunday for the YEA Camp Solutionary Kids Panel moderated by Nora Kramer, founder of YEA Camp (week-long social justice summer camps for teens), on the Banana Stage from 11:30-12:00. Then hop over to the Apple Stage to hear Zoe Weil, president and co-founder of the Institute for Humane Education, speak from 12:05-12:25! 

We look forward to seeing you at the NYC VegFest!